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Rugged environment electrical connector specialist Rampart Products has specified a Victrex polymer blend for a new HPHT (high pressure-high temperature) rotatable electrical connector for reliable transmission of power and data used in oilfield drilling equipment. During material selection and the development of the molding process, Rampart worked closely together with PEEK polymer pioneer Victrex.


Traditionally, a machined and assembled design containing wire and solder joints are used in the rotatable connector market. This approach can result in a structurally weak system with poor shock and vibration resistance. The custom VICTREX PEEK blend-based Rampart Products´ male rotatable connector is a completely molded unitized solution that is structurally much stronger, has no internal wire or solder joints to fail under shock or vibration and fewer components. An added benefit is the unitized all-molded design creates a high pressure, integrated bulkhead. The female rotatable connector has a semi-unitized body, also eliminating wire while allowing for Rampart to mould a high-pressure seal where the connector shoulders, while incorporating a machined/assembled solution for ease of assembly.

Rampart´s new rotatable connector was designed for temperatures of 400°F (200°C) and pressures at 20,000+ psi (1380 bar) providing a reliable electrical connection while protecting expensive sensors and electronics.

On November 1st of, 2022, Rampart Products was granted by the US Patent and Trademark office a new patent, No. 11,489,278, strengthening protection for the superior RamTac™ contact system used within the Rotary Fit Connectors. (RamTac – Contact Technology Patent No. 11,489,278 / 11,217,928 / 11,588,264).

Victrex has more than 35 years of knowledge in developing and applying novel PEEK polymer based solutions. Full traceability, testing beyond standards and more than 50 quality tests per batch enable performance in the harshest operating conditions. Today, e.g. more than 75 million seals are in use; PEEK based composite solutions for use in energy are also gaining momentum.


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