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  • Rubber o-rings made from DuPont Viton® in 75, 90 and other durometers.

  • Viton® Extreme™ o-rings and molded shapes.

  • Viton® GLT o-rings and molded shapes.

  • Custom sizes, shapes available on request.

  • Outstanding resistance to heat, oxidation, weathering, ozone.

  • Outstanding resistance to a broad variety of fluids, including aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated fluids, strong acids.

  • Outstanding resistance to compression set, providing sealing performance and longevity unmatched by any non-fluorinated elastomer.

  • Viton™ performs better than hydrocarbon rubbers in fluid resistance, blends of other rubbers with Viton™ typically perform significantly poorer than 100% FKM.


Viton® is a trademark of the Chemours company


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